My Eureka kind of life!

Listening to podcasts about writing this week, I stumbled upon one that explained the seven moments or steps for the creative process. 

It was quite interesting to me as I often get asked what is my writing process and where I get my ideas from.

Acoording to the video there is an entire process to create a masterpiece, and after steps one, two and three, comes the Eureka moment. Meaning, out of the blue, something pops up and it happens to be the answer to the question that had started your creative quest.

It dawned on my that I live in a permanent state of Eureka bliss, or torment if you prefer. I have yet to sit down one moment and wonder what should I write about. More often than not the images popped in my head several times before I start writing, thus the moment I sit down I can type away. 

But here is what I love/hate the most, words flow naturally to me. Stories are born quicker than I have time to write them down and they are often developing paralleled to the other current WIPS in my virtual drawer. I don’t ponder a question, I don’t search for a topic worth writing about and I don’t spend countless hours on research so I know what to write. I skip all those things and simply write what comes to mind.

Why do I love it? Because writing is my home. I am the happiest when I pour my mind into a blank page and out of nowhere I create a new world. I feel exposed, yes, indeed but unafraid just the same, as in there is no better place to be but the one in which I can be 100% myself. 

It is a second nature to me, I was born a human, a woman and a writer, it is woven at a cellular level for me, preordained of you must say so, I have no other explanation. 

Writing gives me peace, sanity and joy no matter how troubled my life it is, when I write, all  the wrong fades away.

Why do I hate it? Because I can’t figure out how to control it, or chanel it so I can chose which story to write on, what character to develop and what piece to work on in order to complete it. The muses, geniuses or whatever you want to call it, have a mind of their own, and if I were to choose a project, sit down and intent to write, they may or may not show and do their part of their job.

I cannot plot to save my life, I live on the edge of my seat just lile my characters do, and when it is all said, done and type, everything falls into place as if all had been planned from the start.

I love my writing life, and my permanent Eureka state of mind! What about you? Do you have a creative process?

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